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Program: Human resources

Type of the project: Research projects for young research teams


This work was supported by a grant of the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, CNCSUEFISCDI


Title: Efects of polyphenols in modulating the relationship between ErbB proteins and cell cycle progression in breast and epidermoid adenocarcinoma


Project number: PN-II-RU-TE-2011-3-0204

Contract: 111/10.10.2011

Duration: 36 months

Begining of the project: 10.10.2011

End of the project: 10.09.2014




ErbB proteins, members of the receptor tyrosine kinase (RTKs) family, and their signaling pathways play pivotal roles in migration, adhesion, apoptosis and proliferation of cells. In cancer cells the expression, interactions and signaling of ErbB proteins are often not subject to the tight regulation observed under physiologic conditions. Recent studies indicate that RTKs represent one of the critical targets of polyphenols in diminishing cancer cell proliferation. In the framework of our project we plan to investigate the effects of polyphenols on cell cycle progression and apoptosis in relation to the expression levels, interactions, activation state and signaling pathways of ErbB proteins in breast and epidermoid carcinoma cell lines. We will correlate these parameters with the types and concentrations of polyphenols. For our experiments we will generally use flow cytometry that provides robust statistical data. ErbB protein interactions will be investigated by both confocal microscopic immunofluorescent approaches (co-localization) and flow cytometric fluorescence resonance energy transfer. The activation state of ErbB proteins and their signaling pathways (e.g. PI3K/Akt kinase) will be investigated by western blotting. We expect that the project will clarify the role of polyphenols in influencing the ErbB receptor system and it will contribute to establishing the role of polyphenols in the treatment and chemoprevention of cancer.

Key words: ErbB proteins, polyphenols, tumor cells, cell cycle, apoptosis


Specific objectives


  • Studying the impact of the polyphenols on the cell cycle progression, apoptosis and cell viability
  • Investigating the effect of polyphenols on the expression level of ErbB proteins
  • Studying the effects of polyphenols on the association state of ErbB proteins: interactions between ErbB proteins and β1-integrin or laminin receptor (67LR), ErbB1 homoassociation, ErbB2 homoassociation
  • Investigating the correlation between the activation state of ErbB proteins and polyphenol treatments
  • Investigating the effects of polyphenols on ErbB signalling pathways


Milestones and tasks (.pdf)




Lecturer Dr. Mocanu Maria-Magdalena - principal investigator

Prof. Dr. Ganea Constanta - senior researcher

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Irina Baran - postdoctoral researcher

Laura Georgescu - student

Flavia Iacobescu - student

Rodica Zaharia - technical assistant

Elena Constantin - technical assistant 


Scientific reports : .pdf (english)

Disemination of the results:


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National and international conferences:

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