Information for the students that studied Biophysics or Medical Physics in other universities.

It is possible in some cases to transfer your grade from your previous studies in our records directly. In order to do so, we do require the following information in written form:

a) your final grade in the Biophysics / Medical Physics / Phyisics that you get after your examination (in an official paper from your university)

b)  the name of your professor(s)/supervisor(s) that evaluated your knowledge, the exact name of the department and the contact information (i.e. department's office phone, fax or email, or the contact information for the Students' Office or Dean's Office).

c) the detailed curriculum for Biophysics / Medical Physics of the department you studied in.  

d) An explanation of the grading system (This might be already included in the curricula or in your academic records).
If you do have this information in English, you do not need to translate the papers. If  your papers are not in English, in case-by-case basis, we might require an official notarized translated version (in English or Romanian, which one is more convenient for you). The contact information of the office that performed the notarization should be clearly visible.

You can bring in these documents to our office at the following hours:

A) Every Friday 10.00 - 12.00,   directly to Dr. A. Iftime or to Dr. E. Katona


B) Every day, 11.00 - 13.00, to Mrs. Corina Dorobantu (Biophysics Dept. Secretary), along with your contact information (a valid email address).


Usually in about a week we are able to transfer your grade (if eligible) or to instruct you to assist to only some lectures / PSS in order to make up the difference. 

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