For English Module students (2016-2017):

Final Exam

The final examination is written, time-limited (45 minutes), complex multiple-choice, with 30 questions, as described in the "Lectures" section of this site (and with sample questions, sample tests, etc). NOTE: The students must be in the hall 15 minutes before the exam starts, for receiving written test instructions and forms.


Exam location (Sem 2, 2016-2017) : Biophysics Labs (PSS)


 Summer session (2016-2017):

 Winter session (2015-2016):

Winter and summer session (2014-2015):

The grades will be transferred to the Dean's Office recordings. Students' carnets can be safely left in our office (Biophysics Building), at our secretary (Mrs. Corina Dorobantu), after the exam, daily between 11.00 and 13.00. You can pick up the carnets after 3-4 days, with the grades written and signed.

General topics:

Autumn Session (univ. year 2016 - 2017)

New  Students can re-re-take the failed exams on :
Tuesday, 10 October, at 12:00.

Autumn session: Wednesday 20.09. ora 10.00or Friday 22.09 ora 10.00

- A student can take a single examination in September, in one of the two days displayed above
- Only the students that completed PSS labs and exam can attend the September session exam; otherwise the examination is disregarded and it will not be evaluated.
- The examination takes place in the PSS labs.
- The exam is written, following the same rules as the previous written exam.

Results for September Session (2014-2015):

Groups 1-5; groups 6-10; groups 11-15; groups 16-20.

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